Vinyl car wraps are one of the most affordable and coolest ways to make your business stand out from the crowd and catch the eyes of passers-by to create brand awareness. There are also the most creative ways to show off your personality by wrapping your car using amazing vinyl car wraps. Regardless of the intended use, car wraps are significantly more adaptable and less expensive than a custom paint job. But how do you maintain it for as long as possible when it comes to its serviceable life? In this post, we will discuss how to properly maintain vinyl car wraps for outstanding performance and value in the long run.

Vinyl vehicle wraps are well-known for their creative diversity and ability to protect your car’s paint from damage. However, there will eventually be some wear and tear, just like with any product. That’s why we’re here to assist you to shield your wraps for car from UV rays, splatters, bird droppings, and other contaminants. Here are 5 tips for maintaining your car’s vinyl wraps for maximum performance:

Wash your wraps twice a month

If you take pleasure in cleaning your own car and admiring how glossy it becomes afterward. You’ll need to get your car washed every two weeks to remove pollutants, toxins, and other debris that could harm the wrapping material. You can question whether washing it frequently will hasten the breakdown of the wrap’s design and colors. As long as you wash your vinyl wraps using the right products, such as a pH-neutral protector, which doesn’t include wax or any other “protective” substances.

Don’t go for automatic washes

The two-bucket method is advised while washing your car since it ensures that all pollutants, including dirt, debris, and bird droppings, are removed. Don’t take your car to the automatic car wash at the gas station down the road. The brushes’ bristles are not good for the wrap. The water jets’ pressure can also be too high, which would be bad for the wrap. If you must, ask the vinyl wrap manufacturer or the workshop what the recommended PSI should be.

Avoid too much extreme weather exposure

The roof wrap, trunk lid, and hood may become damaged from prolonged exposure to the sun or other outside factors, such as rain, smog, debris, and road pollution from moving cars. These areas attract contaminants that are made worse by UV exposure. Also, extreme hot and cold temperatures are not good for your wraps, so try to protect your vinyl wraps from extreme weather conditions.

Get solar tinting

If the vinyl wrap on your car is constantly being exposed to UV rays, you might consider adding solar tinting as an additional layer of protection. This basically implies that the second layer of auto tinting protects your car wrap from damaging UV rays.

Use your warranty

After each wrapping procedure, the shop you visited should have given your car a warranty. They should keep a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and instructions on how they will take care of your wraps for car with the right products and techniques because they are the ones who have wrapped your car and know about the best ways to protect it. So, make a routine visit to the workshop for regular servicing if your wraps are under warranty.

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