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All our films are cut to your specific sizes, so we can tailor make the design to your exact specifications, including position and thickness of lines, design or text.

We provide the Banner and flex signboard in all design and styles.

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Sign Boards

All our films are cut to your specific sizes, so we can tailor make the design to your exact specifications, including position and thickness of lines, design or text.

We provide the Banner and flex signboard in all design and styles.

No other form of advertising offers a lower cost per impression value than vehicle branding.

1000+ Designs Available

Back lite facing Flex sign board

  • A vinyl wrap covers your vehicle completely in an adhesive specialist vinyl material. The wrap material is manufactured to allow it to bend and shape to the curves and contours of the vehicle and it has a super strong adhesive.

Acrylic Boards

  • Acrylic laser-cut letters will be painted with high quality P.U or Automotive paint of your desired color.

Pixel LED Signs

  • RGB Pixels are digitally-controllable lights you can set to any color, or animate. Each pixel contains an RGB LED and a controller chip molded into a ‘dot’ of silicone, with flanges. they’re typically used to make outdoor signs.

Epoxy Channel Letters

  • We Produce LED Epoxy Sign and LED Resin Letters, these fabricated channel letters are lighting intensive and resin lightbox’s.

Aluminum Modular Signs

  • Aluminum Modular Signs system with the ability to provide highly customizable solutions that meet the unique requirements of each sign project.

Unique LED Channel Letters

  • Want to have a unique sign which is made just for, This kind of signage is ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications, including reception or office signs, logos, plaques, graphics and any lettering.

Metal Channel Letters

  • Seen everywhere made here, whether you need stainless steel sign, brass sign or solid aluminum signs, we have the designers and the tools to get your job done efficiently and quickly.

LED Dot Matrix Displays

  • Create eye-catching flashing and movement displays with this easy to use LED Matrix Display Board. Superbright LED’s enable the unit to be seen from a distance.

Neon Signs

  • Neoflex advertising LLC neon signs is proud to carry on the legacy of providing high quality custom neon signs.

    Neon Signs are a common place type of sign. Most recognized for their brightness, Neon Signs contain low-pressure gas called neon. When the neon is charged with a high voltage it causes the gases to glow very brightly. The gas is contained within a glass tube that is hand bent into specific sections to make a shape, letter or form.


Channel Letter Signs

  • If you’ve ever driven past a strip mall at night, then you’re probably familiar with the effectiveness of channel letter signs. One of the most common ways to sign your business, our channel letter signs can be created to fit any budget and idea.

    Three common types of channel letters are standard, reverse and open. The standard channel letters have colored Plexiglas over neon in an aluminum or steel frame. Our aluminum construction is preferred, although it is slightly more expensive, because it never rusts and its lightweight makes it easier for installation.

    Reverse channel letters are often called Halo-lit signs as the lighting comes from behind letters that have a metal front, clear back and are mounted away from the surface of the building. By day, the signage can easily be seen and by night, the signage comes to life.

    The open channel letters aren’t really open at all. These signs are manufactured much like the standard channel letter signs but utilize clear Plexiglas to expose the raw materials of the sign.


Popup and Rollup Banners

  • An attractive, cutting edge tradeshow display can enhance your company’s image! Draw your target market to your booth with pop-up displays, banner stands, innovative materials displays, lighting, and so much more!

Digital Sign Boards

There is no limit to what can be done with Banner or Flex Signboard.

A well designed digital sign can give your business the personality and curbside appeal it needs to put it over the top.

Illuminated cabinets such as pylon signs can provide the extra visibility that you need to be seen in the clutter of today’s streets.

Monument signs and neon signs are all about giving personality and a unique style to your sign program. Any of these can be designed for either a wall mount, a flush look, or pole mounted to fit your needs.

Channel letters can give class and distinction to your business.

Reverse channel lettering is ideal for a soft, elegant look; all of the channel letter types are sure to bring in the business.

Other Services


Premium Vehicle Wrapping

We use the best in the world machines like Mutoh from Japan, Roland from Germany, and world class Lamination Machine.

We use premium materials like Arlon, Avery, LG Hausys and 3M.


Office & Glass Branding

Glass signs present a clean, upscale, refined image of your business. For centuries glass has been used in creative ways to express wealth, grandeur and refined taste.


Safety Sign & Stickers

We provide best services in safety sign & stickers in Dubai. As we have professionals who only use high quality materials. 


Signage Services in UAE

We provide signage services in UAE. We have highly skilled work force who are specialised in Signage services.


What Clients Are Saying

We are pretty satisfied with the job you did with the branding of our 4 vehicles. We may ask you in the coming months to do it also for our Vans and pick ups.

Lorenza Gazzola
PLC Contracting LLC

I would like to thank you very much for the great work you have done with our vehicles branding.

Souad Bassou
Muller & Phipps Middle East Trading LLC

Faster turn around time and cost effective prices.

Atif Mohd
Stanchion Technologies

Excellent service and good quality work.

Taseer Hussain
GECO Dubai

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