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Glass signs present a clean, upscale, refined image of your business. For centuries glass has been used in creative ways to express wealth, grandeur and refined taste.

Glass is very versatile as it can be fabricated in numerous colors, finishes, shapes and effects.

With the advancement of glass cutting, etching, polishing, tempering and sandblasting techniques combined new vinyl film making technologies the design choices in glass sign fabrication are limitless.

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Glass is therefore a great medium for communicating a company’s brand in rich dazzling colors with cool effects.

Increasingly glass signs are being used for main identity signage in corporate lobbies and reception areas. In airports and high rises, glass signs are being extensively used for wayfinding and directories. Glass has a unique appeal and advantage over other materials: it’s transparent and reflects the color of its surroundings. Glass signs therefore blend in nicely with almost every type of interior décor and Frosted privacy film has many more uses than just keeping your neighbors out and letting the sunlight in.

You can also use glass frosting to add a personal, professional touch to your home or business.

You can give the pane of glass in your office door a smart, sophisticated look, using custom privacy film to put a personal message on your window.

Your name on the door… Employee names and business titles… Your kids’ names Slogans and inspiring messages.

Kinds of Glass Stickers


Domed Decals
 Decals have a clear polyurethane coating for a unique, three-dimensional look. Base material available in white, clear, chrome, brushed chrome and gold.
Clear Face Adhesive
If your sticker or decal is to be stuck to the inside of a window so it can only be seen from the outside of the window this is the best alternative. The colored areas of the sticker will be backed up with an opaque white ink.
Clear Back Adhesive
Back adhesive is the most common way stickers are produced. The sticky is on the back. Clear stickers always have a layer of opaque white ink that is put behind the colored areas of the sticker, leaving the non-image areas of the sticker clear.
Clear Sandwich Printing
Let's say you want to have a window sticker that reads the same way when looked at from both sides of the window. This requires sandwich printing which is the process of printing the image twice, and putting opaque white ink down in between the images.

Type of Stickers

One Way Vision

One way vision stickers for privacy and full colour promotion of your business. Customers can see the advertising on one side (outside) but you can see through the window from the other – designed for shop windows, point of sale and Motor vehicles window glasses.

Vinyl Sticker for Vehicles and Flat Surfaces

  • 3M: 3M car wrapping materials are either digitally printable for complete customised vehicle wrapping or self coloured for a fresh new colour change to your vehicle . For more information, please check at
  • KJET CAST VINYL 60c: German Made – Printable Car Wrapping Film—C60 Series is a bubble free polymeric self-adhesive, digital printable film designed to meet a variety of part of car body wrapping ,bus body advertising graphic and subway body advertising needs and etc.

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⇒ Applications and Uses:


  • Turkey Made – Unifol Polymeric vehicle wrapping film series are designed for vehicle wrapping applications requiring high quality performance. Suitable for 2D surfaces and applications over multi coloured surfaces requiring a uniformcolour change. Options to produce using grey adhesive and Unifast Bubble free technology available upon request. For more information, please check it out at


  • Mactac Vinyl Stickers are quality permanent acrylic adhesive films for outdoor use. If good quality vinyl stickers are what you’re looking for that can last several years, the Mactac stickers are what you should get. We offer 2 types of Mactac Vinyl Stickers.

MACTAC 8300 Pro

4-5 years durability; excellent dimensional stability, cutting and weed-ability for an affordable price

MACTAC 9800 Pro

7-8 years life; provides conformability over simple contours; the choice for fleet marking, equipment identification, window graphics and logos.

Reflective Sticker

Designed for nighttime visibility. These are commonly used for fleet marking, industrial and security applications.

Frosted Glass Sticker

Glass frosting vinyl is a non-permanent vinyl film that is applied to the window like a sticker to give the frosted effect.


More cost effective that the permanent options. You can have a variety of complex or simple designs. Its non-permanent allowing you to change or remove the design. Is available in various colour, however pricing and availability varies. It is resistant to moisture. Most vinyl’s can be used indoors or outdoors. It is durable and can last over ten years if well looked after. Assists in keeping temperature control during the season. Allows up to 95% light into the area.


This process is mostly used on window panels, and to place designs onto glass balustrades, mirrors, sliding doors and shower doors.

Tip: This process is mostly used on window panels, and to place designs onto glass balustrades, mirrors, sliding doors and shower doors.

Other Services


Premium Vehicle Wrapping

We use the best in the world machines like Mutoh from Japan, Roland from Germany, and world class Lamination Machine.

We use premium materials like Arlon, Avery, LG Hausys and 3M.


Office & Glass Branding

Glass signs present a clean, upscale, refined image of your business. For centuries glass has been used in creative ways to express wealth, grandeur and refined taste.


Safety Sign & Stickers

We provide best services in safety sign & stickers in Dubai. As we have professionals who only use high quality materials. 


Signage Services in UAE

We provide signage services in UAE. We have highly skilled work force who are specialised in Signage services.


What Clients Are Saying

We are pretty satisfied with the job you did with the branding of our 4 vehicles. We may ask you in the coming months to do it also for our Vans and pick ups.

Lorenza Gazzola
PLC Contracting LLC

I would like to thank you very much for the great work you have done with our vehicles branding.

Souad Bassou
Muller & Phipps Middle East Trading LLC

Faster turn around time and cost effective prices.

Atif Mohd
Stanchion Technologies

Excellent service and good quality work.

Taseer Hussain
GECO Dubai

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