Acrylic signs are popular across several industries due to their professional appearance and affordability. Acrylic comes with a sleek, shiny appearance which gives the signage an elegant look. This indicates that the company has invested a considerable amount of creativity and thought into the signage.

From custom acrylic office signs to acrylic advertisements for retail stores, acrylic signage is used in a wide variety of settings. They are popularly utilized by companies that want high-end refined graphics. Furthermore, companies that are looking for outdoor signs also use acrylic signage as this material can withstand extreme outdoor conditions. Further in this blog, we are going to discuss the types of acrylic signs so make sure to give it a read till the end.

Types of acrylic signage

Contour-cut signage

These types of signage use acrylic as a base material. These signs have a minimal border if they have one at all. These signs are cut in the shape of the company name, company logo, or any other shape. As they don’t have any borders, they are more likely to catch the eyes of those who are walking by. Their elegant yet simple look sets a professional tone for an office space.

Custom acrylic panels

Acrylic panels work as a perfect canvas for customized murals inside or outside the office space. They resemble a glass-like surface and provide exceptional durability. To take the graphics to another level, the acrylic panels can be customized to glow all the time. This way, they can catch more eyes. They are perfect for office or retail store windows as they can easily draw attention.

Dimensional signage

Dimensional signs are three-dimensional that’s why they pop out of the surface on which they are mounted. Usually, a company’s name or logo is projected out on the signs. This helps the company to come up with graphics that last in the memories of the viewers for a much longer period. It creates a sharp contrast between the company’s logo and the background. As soon as someone enters your office, the dimensional signage stands out to them and they feel that they are at the right place.

Outdoor acrylic signage

Do you want to grab the attention of people walking by your building or advertise your business throughout the city? The outdoor acrylic signage can help you. They have long been used to grab attention. By placing these signs in high-traffic areas, your message will reach a much wider audience. Furthermore, these signs have superior durability without sacrificing the glass-like appearance.

Frosted acrylic signage

Because of its glass-like appearance, the acrylic supports frosted graphics. The frosted designs reduce the line of sight by several degrees. This type of signage is perfect for companies looking for greater privacy while allowing natural light to enter. They can be used on exterior-facing windows to get a stylish look. The frosted acrylic signage can also be used to provide greater privacy to employees. For example, if you have clear partitions in the office, you can replace them with frosted acrylic material.

With this, we are ending this blog. If you want to learn more about acrylic signage, feel free to contact the experts.

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