Signs That Show It Is Time to Replace or Repair the Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl vehicle wraps offer you a great way to customize your vehicle while advertising your business. Although they are exceptionally durable, the vehicle wraps come with a limited life just like anything else in this world. So if your vehicle has a vinyl wrap, it is vital to recognize common signs of damage in order to ensure the positive image of your brand. Before moving on to the signs of common damage in the vehicle wraps let’s look at some important information about them.

How long does a car wrap last?

Most car wraps may last approximately 5-7 years. After 5-7 to seven years, most wraps start to crack, fade and peel off from the vehicle. With proper maintenance and care, you can make the wrap last much longer. In addition to this, make sure to rely on a reputed vinyl wrapping company in order to get the highest quality wrap for your vehicle at the best price. The high-quality vehicle wraps last longer than the low-quality wraps. Moreover, these wraps look much more appealing on the vehicles, helping you market your business in a much better way.

3 Common wraps damage signs to look for


The colors of the vinyl wrap may fade due to constant exposure to UV rays coming from the sun. Parking the vehicle in shade can reduce the damage however small amount of fading will occur due to daily driving. It especially occurs if you have a long way to travel each day. A faded wrap can negatively impact the brand image that you leave on your customers. It can make the text difficult to read while ruining the aesthetics. So if you notice signs of fading on your vehicle wrap, it is vital to opt for repair or replacement of the car’s vinyl wrap.


Vinyl wraps may start to peel due to several reasons including external tears and dirt accumulation under the edges. Improper washing with the pressure washer can also make the wrap peel thus it is vital to stick to recommended cleaning methods. Peeling can quickly make the vinyl wrap look unpleasing. So it is vital to get it repaired as soon as possible in order to prevent full replacement.


If any liquid spills on the vinyl wrap and is not cleaned right away, it can stain the wrap. Stains can occur due to insects or bird dropping or tree sap if they aren’t cleaned immediately. Once the stain sets in, it becomes extremely difficult to remove. If stains clearly appear on the wrap, it might be time to get it repaired or replaced.

Bottom line

With the proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that the wrap last longer. Make sure to park your vehicle under the shade if possible and clean any kind of fluid from it right away. Moreover, if you notice any of the above signs, contact the best vinyl wrapping service right away. The experts will suggest you the repair or replacement of the wrap to restore your brand’s image among your potential or existing customers.

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