Top 4 Vehicle Branding Tips for Small Business Owners

For small businesses, vehicle wraps are a popular marketing tool. Their vehicles’ sides are an excellent advertising spot that will be seen by a lot of people while they are serving other customers. Large, printed vinyl wraps that are put to the surface of the car are a common component of vehicle wraps. However, creating these powerful advertisements might be a little challenging. Practically, it is a mobile billboard with advertising space that costs the business owner only once.

Vehicle branding can be an excellent method to showcase and advertise your business. It’s simple to display your company’s branding while driving, and if you build the correct design, you’ll draw customers and generate more leads. However, you’ll need to understand how to best represent your business with high-quality graphics and how to avoid being a local annoyance if you want to make the most of your investment in vehicle branding.

In order for customers to rapidly notice all the relevant information before driving off or losing track of the car, the design must be appealing and uncomplicated. Here’re four crucial design tips for your vehicle wraps for the best outcome:

Partial or full vehicle wrap

You must choose whether you want a full or partial vehicle wrap before making any design choices. If you’d want to add your branding to the car, partial wraps can be employed. Although it has a lot simpler appearance than a complete wrap, it can still be a powerful marketing tool. You’ll have more room for creativity and information exchange with full wraps. Full wraps make the entire car appear uniform and draw attention from everyone on the road.

Keep things simple

Consider your most critical information. This should include your business name, address, phone number, and the gist of what your business offer. This does not include plastering a list of every service you provide, using clipart as examples, all over your car. Keep in mind that you are branding your car, not some immovable item. The time your audience has to process the information is really limited. Be precise and short.

Make use of font and color that is readable from a distance

Choose a font that is simple to read from a distance when working with your advertising company. While choosing the unusual Lobster typeface may be your first instinct, your potential clients will find it much easier to understand a more conventional font, like Calibri. Branding for the business should be visible from a distance of several cars. Select a text color that stands out dramatically from the color of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that your vehicle is three-dimensional

You can see your car from the front, back, and sides. Ensure that important details, such as your phone number, contact address, and website, are visible from the back and sides of your car. However, keep in mind that not all vehicles are made equally. Make careful to design for the vehicle you intend to advertise on while creating your wrap or smaller graphics.

Although they can be difficult, vehicle branding projects can be among the most satisfying ways to see your ads come to life on a sizable, moving thing. If you want to design and print vehicle wraps for business marketing, contact us at NEOFLEX Advertising for quality and affordable vehicle branding services and solutions.

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