Will a vehicle branding wrap hide scratches or dents?

How well dents and dings may be concealed by car wraps? It is one of the most often-asked questions that car wrap experts receive. Sadly, the majority of people want to hear “YES”! However, the truth is that a vehicle branding wrap won’t be a good way to cover up any dings or dents on your car. It may be effective in some cases, but it may have the exact opposite effect in others. Read the blog till the end to get insight on using vehicle branding wraps to hide scratches and dents on a vehicle.

A vehicle wrap might help hide dents in some scenarios

To start, a wrap will indeed hide some dents however it won’t eliminate those flaws. This is so that a wrap may fit the shape of the car. So if there’s a specific area of your car with a few minor dings, the wrap experts might be able to hide them with some cunning designs.

All in all, it will be possible to create an illusion that helps hide the appearance of the dent using vehicle branding wraps that have a lot of busy features. Another strategy is to make the wrap itself out of less shiny materials. Matte overlaminate and matte vinyl will not reflect as much light, and it is the light reflection that draws attention to the outlines of the dent.

Vehicle branding wrap can highlight dents

Scratches, dents, and dings are okay on a worn-out, older vehicle since the rest of the car appears to be older. All the tiny dents are less “hidden” with the overall aspect of the car when you wrap it and give it essentially a fresh new exterior. However, as we have already stated, if it only affects a few spots, nothing will be lost. If you’ve been driving it for a while and it doesn’t bother you, wrapping it won’t make a difference, as the wrap professionals so eloquently put it.

Why does a vehicle wrap don’t hide dents or dings?

The material utilized in a vehicle wrap will be immediately applied to the whole surface of your car. It is a thin material that fits over your car’s whole surface, including any dents or blemishes. Thus, even though it will be applied on top of the dent, it will still be a dent. It’s crucial to remember that you want this to occur. This is because any car wrap material that comes into indirect touch with another surface may rip or bubble, among other problems.

Will a branding wrap cover any scratches or paint chips on your vehicle?

Small scratches, however, will be shallow enough that a fresh wrap will significantly improve the appearance. Additionally, a vehicle wrap will cover the scratch, completely resolving any potential rust-related problems in the future. In keeping with this, any sharp edges that can cut the vinyl must be fixed before a wrap is put on.

All in all

Usually, little dents in your car are pretty simple to pop out. The dents that are more difficult to conceal both before and after a wrap will also be the more obvious ones. Try to mend and repair as much of your car as you can before covering it. Moreover, any rust spots, chipped paint, or share edges must be fixed before applying the wrap to the vehicle. A vehicle wrap is directly applied to the outer surface of the vehicle so the wrap may rip if that surface is sharp.

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