Undoubtedly, digitalization is ruling the marketing industry. Organizations are inclined to digital marketing, thinking they will find people of all age groups. Also, the online platforms are easy to promote because everything is done in one place. But, is it actually working for the organization?

Still, many people are not comfortable using digital platforms. They don’t have social media accounts. Also, people are not available always. The summary of the story is you are missing out on many of your potential clients who are not used to digital platforms. Chances are that they might more profitable than online clients. Therefore, you should use something easy for people of all types to understand and connect with your organization.

You have many options to do so, but the one that will work the best for you is car wrapping. You should wrap your car, mentioning all the practices and principles of your company. Car wrapping is the best option because it will attract more traffic. 

In this post, we will discuss a few important details about wraps for a car.

Why car wrapping is better than car painting?

One of the common reasons is car wrapping is quicker. The wraps are designed and created first and then added to the cars. On the other hand, everything has to be done in the car when painting, which takes time.

Car painting is an ideal option if your marketing message is never changing, which is rarely possible. With wraps for cars, it is easy to amend or update your advertising or branding from time to time. It means you don’t have to restrict yourself.

What should you consider when designing your car wraps?

  • The budget- It depends on the size, number of cars, the design complexity, and parts to cover. You should work with a designer to get the most out of your budget.
  • The target customer– The wrap is to impress your target customers so you should know them before designing. The design depends on the different characteristics of your target customers like age, gender, etc.
  • The logo– The wraps for the car is incomplete without your company’s logo. It’s the focal point of your car wrap. Even if it’s new, you should include it in the design.
  • The call to action– The car wrap should create awareness as well as get people to take action. The wrap should compel people to connect with you. So, you should include your contact details and the company’s website.

Which parts of the car should you wrap?

  • The sides– It’s the most visible part of your car and offers a wide surface area for the placement of graphics. If your design is large, the sides of the car are the best option. The doors might affect the readability but professional installers will adjust it properly.
  • The hood– It’s the most affordable part for car wrapping. If budget is the issue, you should wrap the hood of your car. It will transform the look and capture the attention of the viewers.
  • The rear– Wrapping the rear part of your car is the best option when you are stuck in traffic. It’s visible to drivers behind your car on a busy highway.
  • The roof– You shouldn’t wrap the roof of your car because it is not visible and easy to read and understand.

Wraps for a car can make or break your brand image because it reaches to all kinds of people. So, you should be very careful while designing. Also, you should seek help from a professional designer and installer.

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