Common Parts of a Car That Can Be Wrapped

Vehicle wraps offer you the most effective way to present your company or organization to your target audience. Wraps for cars have progressed a lot in recent years and so do their installation projects. However, you may wonder how a whole car can be wrapped. So we have decided to provide a deeper look into what parts of a car can be wrapped.

Full car

It is the most obvious option. You can get your car fully wrapped into your desired material or color. Vinyl wrap is the most common option when it comes to a full car wrap. It often takes 2-3 days to complete because the full car needs to be wrapped. Furthermore, this may cost more than the other kind of car wrapping. Full car wrap requires more time, cost, as well as resources to complete. However, the final results are worthwhile.


Getting the bonnet wrapped is a quick and affordable way to transform the look of your car while advertising your business. With this, you don’t have to spend big bucks and give a lot of your precious time. Bonnet wraps usually are of high contrast, mostly black or carbon fiber, which goes perfectly with most of the colors. Besides, if your bonnet is so expensive, a wrap will protect it from damage.

Interior trim

Interior trim wrapping is getting popular due to its benefits. It offers you several options of customization inside your car using vinyl. That means you no longer need to reject a car due to its wooden or bright pink trim finish. You can simply cover it up using wrapping. It will not only makes the interior look beautiful but also help the vehicle retain its value.


The most glorious roof wrap is getting popular among car owners. It can transform the entire look of your car. The best-looking cars on the road have roof wrapping. It keeps the roof of the cars safe by protecting them from getting exposed to wear and tear.


Wheel wrapping is something you can’t see often due to the complexity of wrapping that shape. However, it is still preferred by many people.


Boot wraps are generally accompanied by roof and bonnet wraps as a part of a custom styling package. When they are perfectly applied, give your vehicle a one-of-a-kind look. 


It is the most common wrapping style among fleet owners. They choose door wraps for car to advertise their business. Wraps convey your business message to potential customers 24*7. It is the most affordable as well as an effective way of advertising. Also, it protects the doors of the car as they are the most vulnerable to damage.

Last words

No matter what part of your car you want to be wrapped, make sure that you put your trust in professionals. Wrapping is a complex process and the right set of skills is required to get it right.

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